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This ministry is for equipping the saints for the end-times.  It is the LORD's ministry and not my own.  I have been led to complete service for HIM.  I labor daily to hear HIS voice and to share what I've been shown in a concise and clear manner.

All revelations shared are in direct alignment with the WORD OF GOD, as this is our spiritual source through the HOLY SPIRIT.

The purpose of this ministry is 4-fold:

1) A call for repetance for the church before judgment comes ( 1 Chronicles 7:14)

2) To feed and encourage through messages & dreams from the LORD

3) To give warnings of what is coming so HIS people can pray and prepare

4) To help prepare HIS BRIDE for HIS soon return!

If you are being blessed or fed through this ministry, please

consider supporting it through a one time donation or monthly---only as you feel led by the LORD.

A part of the donations will be supporting a wonderful CHRISTIAN homeless shelter for women and families that I volunteer at.  This shelter is truly an "ARK" for those who are destitute.  It not only provides for their essentials, but it helps them get their lives back in order through various  Christian-based programs.

The other ministry I support is Hand of Help Ministry that helps the orphans and elderly in Romania.  This is Michael Boldea's ministry, grandson of  Prophet Dumitru Duduman.

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