• Elizabeth

a word for the crashing church

Updated: Feb 19, 2018

More and more people are leaving the churches. WHY? Why are Christians, true believers in Christ leaving? It is because the LORD is opening their eyes to the truth about the condition of the churches. They are rotting from the inside out! They are mingling with idolatry, heresy, and doctrine of demons. They have become full of 'Christian witchcraft' and Jezebel spirits. Their self-seeking ways have abandoned the flock and the flock is hurting.

However, there is hope, fellow believers!!! When one door closes, HE opens another! On the 4th of February, 2018, I heard this word from the HOLY SPIRIT:


In my spirit, I felt that the LORD was showing me that the 'old wineskins' were going to be replaced with the 'new!' Those who heeded the call to 'come out of her, my people,' will soon be led to a new move of the LORD. These new 'gatherings' will not only meet the spiritual needs of the elect, but will walk in the power of the HOLY SPIRIT to serve our LORD and SAVIOR. The Babylonian church system will no longer be feeding the sheep of HIS true remnant. The LORD will be leading us to something completely new and different. These 'gatherings' could be home churches, prayer houses, bible-studies, or even possibly 'safe havens.' I don't know exactly what this will look like yet, but I believe they will be mighty in power!!

After hearing the word 'NEW REFORMATION,' the LORD then led me to Ezekiel 34, where it talks about 'woe the shepherds.' Even though it was talking to Israel's priests, it still speaks to us today. This passage gives us a list of where the priests (pastors) failed.

Here is that list:

1. they only take care of themselves

2. they do not strengthen the weak

3. they do not heal the sick

4. they do not bind up the injured

5. they do not bring back the backsliders

6. they do not search for the lost

7. they rule harshly and brutally

If you read further in Ezekiel 34, you will discover something wonderful! Despite the church's failure, the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY will take care of you! HE will be your GOOD SHEPHERD!!! HE is all you need, now and forevermore!! HE will be your strength, your healer, your teacher, your friend, your Father, your guide, your protector and your deliverer!

Here is the list from that same chapter of what the LORD will do for us, the sheep of HIS pasture:

1. He will look after HIS sheep

2. He will search for HIS sheep

3. He will rescue them from the storm

4. HE will pasture them (feed them)

5. He will bind up the injured

6. He will strengthen the weak

7. He will shepherd them with justice

8. He will save them from being plundered

9. He will make a covenant of peace with them

10. He will allow them to live in safety

11. He will shower them with blessings

12. He will let them live safe and secure in the land

SO, brothers and sisters, this is a message of hope! You are not alone and never will you be! HE is there with you, holding your hand, every step of the way! HE will lead you to fresh, fragrant, lush, and bountiful green pastures! Just wait on HIM and HE will guide you at the perfect time!

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