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AMERICA: the Convergence of all Things //a Cruel Take-Over

On October 24th, 2021, while praying in the SPIRIT, I saw our LORD and SAVIOR walking along the beach shore. I then heard this message:

“Soon all this will be covered with water, and the floods will commence. I use the enemy of MY people to bring judgment, like in the days of Ancient Israel and the destruction of Jerusalem.

Soon America will be no more, but a new country will emerge in her place. It’s foundations will not be from ME, but from ‘another.’ It will a cruel take-over, for its origins are ruthless and godless.

This new kingdom will prosper for only a short time, but I MYSELF will come and take it down permanently.

Just in the days of Babylon, they were used for MY purpose, then destroyed, so shall it be again.

The events unfolding are in MY WORD. Pray to receive further revelation and understand about its fulfillment.

The days are coming when all will call ME, LORD, and will bow at MY feet, and the feet of the FATHER.

(There was then a pause, till I heard this:)


The time is ticking away to eternity, but few understand or acknowledge that the days are few.

I ask MY children to humble themselves before ME, to seek MY face, and pray. The prayer of the righteous are effective!

CRY out for MERCY, for this is much needed in this time of wickedness, lukewarmness and rebellion.

The messages have gone out through MY servants -–but few have paid heed, but instead just continue in their ways. They will be sorry, and will regret their actions, their motives and their hardness of their hearts.

I knock at the door longing to come in and fellowship with them – they would not. (Jeremiah 32:32-33)

Discipline comes, and it comes swiftly.

There are a few who have heeded MY VOICE, and they shall be greatly reward in the next KINGDOM to come.

These are those who have not washed themselves or tainted themselves with the ways of the world....they are holy and separate, following on ME. They will hear,

JOB WELL DONE,” when this life is over. (Matthew 25:21)

There is nothing new under the sun, as the former judgments, (Jeremiah 42:17), will become the existing judgments for today......


all coming together at the same time. The GREAT CONVERGENCE of all things ..... all the judgments poured out at once. (Matthew 24:1-31)

Seek ME on what you ought to be doing and what type of person you should be.

Fall down and worship the KING OF KING, and LORD OF LORDS."

BABYLON FALLING: Jeremiah 50-51

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