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OPEN VISION WARNING: the locust army// churches - mosques // war

In the last few weeks, I have received MANY dreams/visions about the Middle- East/Islam; a devesting locust army; and war. I will only share the highlights of a few of them:

OPEN VISION: Locust Army

On 4/13/23, in the evening, I was coming back home, and walking up the steps to my front doorway. Suddenly, I had an OPEN VISION, where I saw a landscape that had been devoured. In front of me there was lush, green woods and fields, but behind me I saw UTTER DEVESTATION! In my spirit I knew that the land had been devoured by LOCUST. The vision only lasted for a few seconds, but it was powerful!

When I went inside, I inquired, of the LORD, what it was all about. I heard, in my spirit, to go to Joel 2. I knew that this chapter talked about the ARMY OF LOCUST that the LORD will use, as a judgment, in the Last Days......similiar to when the LORD used Assyrians as judgment against Israel, as well as the Babylonians against Judah.

While reading Joel 2, I was amazed to see that there was a verse that EXACTLY described the vison that I had just experienced:

"A fire devours before them,
And behind them a flame burns;
The land is like the Garden of Eden before them,
And behind them a desolate wilderness;
Surely nothing shall escape them." Joel 2:3

I believe that this is part of the JUDGMENT that the LORD will be bringing upon the land.

Pray for further understand and discernment.

DREAM: (3/6/23) Church & Mosques:

In this dream, I was in a Christian Church, in the worship center. I was walking around, and noticed that there was a row of people on their knees, and bowed down, with their face to the floor. They were dressed in Middle Eastern clothes, and were not Christians, but of the Moslim faith. I was very surprised to see this.... but I then wanted to go over, and share JESUS with them.


When I awoke, I was reminded of when I visited Spain, and saw the ancient ruins of buildings that, through the years, switched back from being churches into mosques, then hundreds years later, they switched back again.

The 'rhema word' that I heard from the LORD was:


This also reminds me of how many churches, in Europe, that have now been converted into Mosques.

I believe that this dream was two-fold:

1) a warning to the Churches to hold firm to their faith, and not compromise.

2) to share with people of other faiths about JESUS as LORD & SAVIOR.

Pray for further understand and discernment.

DREAM VISION: Crescent Moon

On 4/15/23, I had a vision while awakening. I saw a street light that was in the shape of a crescent moon. Then the scene changed, and I now saw a long street that had these crescent moon street lights on both side.


As I awoke, what came to me is that the crescent moon represents the Islamic faith. . Then I remembered reading recently about how in Minneapolis there is now a 'call to prayer' by those from the Islamic faith, broadcasted three to five times a day over the airways.

This dream-vision has several interpretations.....pray for further understand and discernment.


Both, my husband and I, both received 'war' dreams the first week of April:


In my husband's dream, he and I were in a mall together. Suddenly, a huge explosion rocked the mall, and we were separated. My husband went looking for me, and found me outside of the mall. He then told me that we better get back home right away!

When we got home, we heard gunshots and bombs going off all around us. We knew that we had to quickly back a few things and leave immediately, for war had come. END OF DREAM


In my dream, I was outside, on the lawn, of my house. I was having a nice, pleasant afternoon, as it was beautiful outside. I was taking care of lots of children, who were playing, and having fun. Everything seemed well, and at peace.

I then heard a great RUMBLING coming from the sky, and looked up. I looked up, and saw a WAR PLANE flying VERY LOW overhead! It was so low, that it was deafening, and I could actually feel the wind as it flew by. Before I could get my breath, FOUR more planes followed, one after the other. Both the children, and myself just froze until they had passed.

I then told the children to hurry inside the house, where I tried to calm them down, and distract them. I knew that WAR that had come. END OF DREAM

Pray for further understand and discernment.


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