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PROPHETIC MESSAGE: America, your protection has been removed; Brethern: Seek the LORD's covering!

"When he tore Israel away from the house of David, they made Jeroboam son of Nebat their king. Jeroboam enticed Israel away from following the Lord and caused them to commit a great sin. The Israelites persisted in all the sins of Jeroboam and did not turn away from them until the Lord removed them from his presence, as he had warned through all his servants the prophets. So the people of Israel were taken from their homeland into exile in Assyria, and they are still there." 2 Kings 17:21-23

MESSAGE: (6/19/23)

"War will be increasing around the world. In America, captivity is coming by her enemies....from within and without! She has become like a 'sitting duck'.....a target in plain sight, for her protection has been removed, and she is now exposed.

Her 'day in the sun' is ending, and she will no more be what she once was.

Devastation will weep the land, as the enemy has unleashed wickedness in high places. These high places will be brought down by MY hand of

judgment. (Jeremiah 32:35) Sin will be exposed, and darkness will once again be turned to light ....for my LIGHT EXPOSES!

MY LIGHT shines through the enemy's attempt at hopelessness, and despair. Though judgment comes, so does MY righteousness and truth.

In the midst of ashes, MY people will be rejoicing, for they will be walking in the abundance of MY love. They will see MY hand move, and My power restoring those around them.

Though tragedy will be coming, so will provision. I will shine strongly in many places, and I will be a beacon to the suffering.

The enemy has 'over-played his hand,' and now many will see the truth of his ways, and turn to ME instead.

Through poverty, despair, and persecution, MY people will grow strong, and resilient in the SPIRIT. Their 'spiritual muscles' will become strong, and mighty. They will not be left unequipped, but will have all that they need to serve ME.

Do not look back at your comfortable ways, and be like LOT's wife. (Genesis 19:26) Instead, go where I tell you, and follow MY voice as a lamb follows his shepherd!

I AM THE GREAT SHEPHERD, and I care of MY flock! (John 10:11-14)

Though America is being bombarded on every side, front, and back....there is still hope for goodness, righteousness and truth to reign supreme in the pockets where MY people assemble. This will be small, at first, but will grow bigger, and bigger!

I love all MY children....even those that reject ME. MY love will draw many to ME during these ready to minister to these lost sheep, who have lost their way. Do not reject them, but embrace them, teach them, love them, and guide them! They will be new to MY fold, and they will need special care! (John 10:16)

Assemble together now, for there is spiritual power in many. Your strength will come in your weakness, as you submit wholeheartedly to ME. Walk in that strength, and not your own. (2 Corinthians 12:9) Humble yourselves so that I can lift you up, and use you as MY vessel....a noble vessel! (James 4:10)

The time is late! Do not let the curtain close on your disobedience, but be ready for the last act of humanity.

Seek victory in ME. Use MY NAME...for that is where the sweet victory lies.

There is power in MY NAME for MY children to use. (Mark 16:17-18)

I give them MY NAME....the NAME of the LORD JESUS CHRIST OF NAZERETH" (Revelation 3:12)

3rd MESSAGE: (6/19/23)

"HEAR MY voice,

OBEY MY voice,

WALK in MY voice,

WAIT for it, and it will come!

MY children need to know how to walk in it....

NOT to go to the left, or to the right, unless they hear from ME.

LET the anointing grow in you! "

"Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying,

“This is the way, walk in it,”

Whenever you turn to the right hand

Or whenever you turn to the left." Isaiah 30:21


"Then the LORD will create above every dwelling place of Mount Zion, and above her assemblies, a cloud and smoke by day and the shining of a flaming fire by night. For over all the glory there will be a covering." Isaiah 4:5


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Jul 07, 2023

ELIZABETH you are USA prophet but I ask you pkeeeeeaasee tell Jesus can you use Beatris to advice her people or tell me what will happen in Brasil RIO DE JANEIRO MINAS AND SOUTH OF BRASIL please Jesus

There are hundreds of fake prophets here


Jul 05, 2023

There is power, power,

wonder working power in the blood of the lamb.

There is power, power,

wonder working power in the name and the blood of the Lamb.

Jul 07, 2023
Replying to

Byes I lived in US I will pray

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