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As I was praying, in the SPIRIT, I saw the LORD walking on a beach, along the edge of the water. There was a different mood in the air, and, as the message started, I could tell that the LORD was grieving over what is to come.

MESSAGE: (received on 2/8/22)

"It is hard to watch.....all the wickedness that now abound on the earth. The enemy of your soul is wrecking havoc and chaos everywhere. Evil is permeating through out the air, and the air waves. It grieves ME to see so many being deceived by many hearts growing cold and distant!

Never before has there been a time where evil has taken over so many hearts. This is an infiltration that has even come on the churches. There are many who call themselves by MY NAME that are now ice cold. They have followed man instead of ME, and now will reap the consequences of their actions.

WOE to those in leadership that have lead MY flock astray. It would be better for them if a rope be tied around their neck, and then thrown into the sea. (Matthew 8:6)

I knew these DAYS OF SORROW, (BEGINNING OF SORROWS), would come, and they are now here. I call out to all who can hear MY voice and say REPENT, for the KINGDOM OF GOD is near!

The lines have been drawn, and soon sacrifices will have to be made made. There is a price for following ME will come in the form of persecution. This will be when you will ultimately have to chooses ME over all others, including your very life! (Revelation 12:11)

Are you willing to die for ME, as I died for you? Will your convictions be strong enough, or will you fold and cower away?

It is easy to believe in times of peace, but it is a different story when true adversity comes.

Be ready to stand up for ME, no matter what the outcome is. Ultimately your reward will be eternity with ME!

Prepare your hearts for what is coming.

Resolved to stand strong and confident, no matter what befalls you!

I will be with My own every step of the way....I will never leave them or forsake them, for they are MY cherished ones!





I then waited awhile, and then the LORD gave me another message. It made me so sorrowful to know that HE indeed was suffering. I then heard:

“Get ready for what is coming....BUCKLE UP, ARMOR UP....prepare for adversity and war!

Not only physically, but spiritually. Many need to get ready, for they are coming home soon. The warnings have gone out, few heed them. BLOW THE TRUMPET IN ZION!"

Then, in the SPIRIT, I saw JESUS, and his hands were covering his face, as if HE was weeping. I tried to comfort HIM, and asked HIM what can we do? I heard:


HOLD MY HAND, and together we will get through this!"

Then the LORD reminded me of the time when HE was in the Garden of Gethsemane. It was there that HE was in agony, and sweated blood, while HIS disciples were sleeping. (Luke 22:44)

Then I heard,

"Don’t be sleepy, but be WIDE AWAKE! Know what is coming, so not to be caught unaware!




I then asked the LORD, what is coming? And I heard,

"Death is coming. You have not seen what I have seen, but you will see it soon! For it to be minimized, many, many prayers need to be flooding the GATES of HEAVEN. There are very little now, the voices (prayers) are weak and without conviction.

When I can bear it no more, I will come for MY SHEEP....that day quickly approaches when the FATHER gives ME the go ahead. My sadness will then be turned to joy!

WAIT for ME.....for I surely come! That is the GOOD NEWS.....that I will bring MY SALVATION with ME! "

I then saw the the LORD in a white robe and red sash across HIS chest. He then held out HIS hands and I saw the holes from where the nails once were. Then I looked down and saw the holes in HIS bare feet. Then I looked up at HIS FACE and saw that HE had a crown of thorns on HIS HEAD!

Then HE said:

“I am the sacrificial LAMB that takes away the sins of the world.”


"He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not." Isaiah 53:3



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