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PROPHETIC MESSAGE: Millennium; AntiChrist; 144,000

Updated: May 10, 2022

I received this message while praying on April 28, 2022. I believe that the LORD was referencing the Millennium that is coming, as well as the witnesses of the last days (part of the 144,000). The Antichrist is also addressed:


"Because there is no more justice, righteousness, or truth upon the land, I will come and bring them with ME. I will restore what is good. I will bring justice back to the nations.

All that is wicked, evil, and dark, will be destroyed, along with those that practice them.

It will be a NEW DAY....a NEW DAWN of PEACE. Love will permeate in the air, instead of evil.

The lambs will lie down with the wolves....for there will be no more WOLVES in SHEEPS' clothing. (Isaiah 11:6)

This will be MY NEW KINGDOM on earth where I will reign supreme. I will be the ONLY KING....the ONLY LORD....and I will rule with an IRON SCEPTER! (Revelation 21) (Revelation 12:5)

Those who have longed for another king will mourn when their deception will come into full light. For they worshiped an earthly king who was not the savior of the world. They put their trust in a man, when clearly they disobeyed MY WORD....


They look to an earthly king to save them, and, in the end, they instead will be lost! No earthly king is above ME, though they try to exalt others into that position.

This is a set-up for the antichrist to rule the world. The people give him permission to do so, by not standing up against his tyrannical rule.

Those who are are slumbering, and not obeying MY WORD, are like lambs going to the slaughter.

This deception is great in the churches. They have been deceived by their own Shepherds. They do ot hear MY voice, but that of the Deceiver himself. I have removed MY candle-stand from these places, and no longer live there. (Revelation 2:5)

Instead, MY SPIRIT has gone to those individuals whose ways have remained pure in their walk with ME. They stand only in the ways of MY WORD, and not on the ways of man.

Though they do not trust in man or kings, they serve those around them. Their trust in only in ME. They know that only I am the SOLUTION TO ALL PROBLEMS. Their faith has not been misguided or misplaced. They do not worship or adore another. (Revelation 14:1-4)

They heed the calls of the watchmen and women that have been sent by ME. These are the ones that will STAND and, in the end, they will still be left STANDING. They are immovable in MY KINGDOM. They do not falter, cower, or retreat.... for they know that they ultimately will be victorious through ME.


1) I am coming to set up MY NEW KINGDOM

2) Only I will KING

3) Those who look to another to rescue them are greatly deceived, and will be lost

4) Those who trust, and have faith in ME alone, will be Rewarded and warmly Received into MY KINGDOM.

Lastly, check your heart carefully, and see who do you really trust?? Ask MY HOLY SPIRIT to shine the light on your heart, and your mind’s intend, so you will not be deceived....and you will be ready for MY COMING!





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