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PROPHETIC MESSAGE: This is a Call for the 144,000!

The LORD has been showing me some more things about the 144,00....and I also received another message concerning them. I believe that many will be coming from the 10 LOST TRIBES.

I have received another message concerning them:

MESSAGE: 8/12/23

"This is a call for the 144,000. You have been chose for such a time as this. I am giving out MY assignments now:

You are to go to the House of Judah, and the House of Israel, and proclaim MY glory. I am opening up the hearts of those from MY original vine (branch), and they will once more be grafted in. (Romans 11)

Those who have been chose, have been marked, and sealed for MY purpose to lead My Israel back to ME. They have lost their way, but the time is now coming when the door is opened wide for them to come into MY fold.

Come and yield yourself to ME, and you will hear MY instructions.

Bring MY lost sheep back into the fold.

Do not delay!"

Then there was a pause, and I asked 'HOW, LORD? And then I heard:

"It starts with prayer.....ferverent prayer to loosen up the soul, and to fertilize the soil. Then the seeds can be planted, and they will take root....and become firmly established.

The times of the Gentiles are almost over, and my attention will go to my lost tribes."

"I do not want you to be ignorant of this mystery, brothers, so that you will not be conceited: A hardening in part has come to Israel, until the full number of the Gentiles has come in. And so all Israel will be saved, as it is written:
“The Deliverer will come from Zion;
He will remove godlessness from Jacob.
And this is My covenant with them
when I take away their sins.” Romans 11:25-27


1) 10 LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL: They are from the 12 TRIBES. Many people do NOT know there full heritage, and, unknowingly could be a part of the

10 Lost Tribes of Israel. This means that there are people with Jewish heritage that do not know it.

2) They come OUT of the GREAT TRIBULATION

3) Their ROBES are made white in the BLOOD OF THE LAMB

4) They are before the THRONE OF GOD

5) They SERVE HIM day and night

6) They sing a NEW SONG that no one else can learn

7) They are the FIRST-FRUITS to GOD and the LAMB

8) In their mouths were found NO DECEIT

9) They are without FAULT

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Rocha Ramalho Rocha
Rocha Ramalho Rocha

Eu pedi em oração ao Mestre Yahushua Hamashya Jesus de Nazaré, para me avaliar meu grau de espiritualidade,porque eu estava com o espírito quebrantado devido as provações, eu pedi um número de 0 a 10 de avaliação, no sonho que tive me mostrou o número 12 e o 70, acredito que esses números são muito especiais nas Sagradas Escrituras. Se algum irmão ou irmã poder confirmar para mim ficarei grato. Shalom a todos.



Regarding Revelation 7 & 14, and someone else's post about Revelation 12:

Rev 12: 1-5 describes a woman giving birth to a special son who will be caught up to God's throne in heaven. Therefore, the woman represents Israel and the 12 stars represent the 12 tribes of Israel. The son to whom she gives birth is the Jewish Messiah: Jesus Christ. Although the dragon (Satan) tries to destroy Him, the child is caught up to God's throne. That represents Jesus conquering Satan by Jesus' sacrificial death on a cross, His resurrection by God's Holy Spirit, and the Father elevating Him to sit at His right hand on the throne of heaven (Hebrews 1:3, 8:1, 10:12) (Philippians 2: 1-11).




I used to worry about people not understanding the proper order of these last days events as they unfold. The Holy Spirit told me that he would be there for one and all so chosen to know the proper order of these events as they unfold.

These events begin in chapter 12 of Revelation and skip around a bit to understand most fully. I received this as I was informed that I would be a witness to these events as they unfold in my lifetime which is most near at hand.

Chapter 12 begins with the woman which represents the collective Bride, Body and Church of Christ Jesus. That being both of these 144000 as given in chapter 7 an…


Thank you for sharing your wonderful vision!

The last part of your vision encourages me to share the following.

I have recently been feeling deeply a new understanding that has come to me, that my mind is reluctant to believe, even though I KNOW it is too fitting of GOD’s greatness to not be true!

JESUS’ crucifixion on the cross and following 40 miraculous days, WAS A PROPHESY !!!

Jesus crucifixion, 3 days in the bowels of the Earth, RESURRECTION, and 40 days ministering to his disciples tells us a prophesy. After 3,000 years the first event will be the resurrection of the dead, then Christ will return in the clouds and we will all be perfected, and will…

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