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PROPHETIC WARNING: the Earth Shall Shake // the Song of Woe

While praying on 11/22/22, I heard this word:


I wasn’t sure what it meant until I then heard the message below. I believe that is a WARNING of the 'shakings' that are coming.....both physically and spiritually. Like it says in the Bible, there are going to be great earthquakes, that will cause many other natural disasters. We are only seeing a ‘hint’ of what is to come.

I believe that it is the beginning of the 'birth-pangs,' like it says in Matthew 24:7-8:

"For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of sorrows."


"The earth will shake and all the inhabitants within. The ALMIGHTY GOD will show HIS POWER, and might to a world that knows HIM not.

The rumblings, earthquakes, and shakings will fall down from heaven, causing much despair and destruction. It is another birth pang of the LAST DAYS as fore-told in MY WORD.

The very hand of GOD will shake the earth to bring judgment, and to wake some out of their slumber. However, most will not be moved or turn back to the FATHER, for their deeds were to evil and they have become reprobate. Even at their last gasp of breath, they will not cry out to ME, but will curse instead. Their end will be in the lake of fire.

All things converge at the same time....

It is like the final piece that the orchestra plays together, making one sound....

It is like the orchestra playing while the Titanic sank....

It is the SONG OF WOE that will be played. (Hosea 7:13-16)

The 'shakings' will increase in every element of society. This is a quaking of MY judgment that will permeate all levels. It will be felt everywhere, and no one will be able to hide. It will be felt and experienced by all. (Revelation 6:12-17)

However, I will protect MY own, as in the days of Moses....where MY people did not suffer from the judgments. (plagues: Exodus 12:13)

Call out to ME as you start seeing these things play out. Do not hold back, pour out your heart to ME. Seek ME, so that I can be found by you.

Midnight comes, and darkness will fill the earth. However, I come for MY BRIDE to bring her to where I am!

Keep yourself pure, humble, and contrite before ME....for this is where your strength lies.

Keep yourself on bended knee more and more....not less and less.

Increase our time together, for there you will hear MY voice.

Let ME teach you in the WORD for it is the source of your help.

Keep pursing justice, and righteous and truth...for this s MY HEART.

Make wise decisions now by asking ME what to do.

Let ME lead and guide you.

Stay true to the HOLY SPIRIT, and do not quench HIS presence but seek HIM and the gifts.

Not much time is left before we will be together.



I was then lead to read this chapter:


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