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PROPHETIC WARNING: the Mark of the Beast: convenience & security! (part 2)

MESSAGE received while praying (7/29/23):

"Soon you will not be able to buy or sell without their mark. For convenience it is placed on the body.....and then it will be connected to their system. This will make people one with the BEAST. They will have exchanged their very souls for convenience and security. For those who succumb, there will be no way back, for the door of salvation will then be closed and locked for all eternity for them.

Warm them of this: Do not give your body parts to the Beast System! The precursor is over, the the the true mark will be enforced!

For My people who are faithful, and will continue to be faithful, I say:



Depend on ME for all your needs....for I will provide a 'way in the desert' where there seems to be no way!

"Behold, I will do a new thing,
Now it shall spring forth;
Shall you not know it?
I will even make a road in the wilderness
And rivers in the desert." Isaiah 43:19

I will provide for MY OWN, and they will not be abandoned...for I raise up a STANDARD against the Beast. (Isaiah 59:19) All his plans will not come into fruition....for I hold the keys to life and death....not him! (Revelation 1:18) He is only a pretender...he pretends to be GOD, but he is not match for the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob! He is only the man behind the curtain, who is fallible, and his control WILL end, and his demise WILL be swift!

The Beast is running like he has gained the victory,, but it is just a delusion that will exist for just a little while longer....until MY will and purposes haVe been served.

For all things have a purpose, and all will be accomplished that needs to be accomplished....mainly the salvation of souls.

All else is just dust in the wind.

Come to ME now....

HUMBLE yourself before ME....

SEEK ME diligently....

for you will need MY strength, and mercy for what is coming....

The wind blows....

The whirlwind comes!"

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ELIZABETH where are the Gideon's a friend of mine in NJ is looking for it who can she talk to ?


Raphael Thogo

I am confused some Prophetess/Prophet stated a while ago that the Covid jab is the mark of the beast . So what was the Covid jab ? You can Google Andrea Zabinski who states that the Lord Jesus told her Covid jab was mark of beast . If people are hearing from the Lord Jesus why this confusion . For me cos of these confusions , I will just concentrate on God’s word . Whatever is the mark of beast will not have any bearing in me cos I didn’t take Covid jab neither am I intending to take any chip on my hand . The Lord Jesus will help me . Thanks


The Covid and vaccine were the pathway to the mark of the beast...sort of a "test run" to see how compliant men would be ...and as it turns out, most people were very, very compliant...if you received the vaccine there is still time to repent and seek forgiveness...but once you receive the mark of the beast....there is no way to repent....for your DNA will be mixed with that of satan....and you will be thrown into the lake of fire!


Tonya  Moore
Tonya Moore

Well said! God gets all the glory!



Do not give your body parts to the beast system. This would mean your hand and forehead, but also "trading-up" for their bionic eye, their stronger arm, super hearing/smelling, etc.

The image of the beast that all must worship will be without, but then within. When the device you are enforced to take is connected with the AI, then all privacy is gone. For nano technology will attempt to mix with mirey clay, overlaying images into your vision, allowing communication without speech, and causing the daily oblation to cease. Your every thought will be able to be recorded and analyzed. Satan desires omnipresence and your worship or your life, stealing, killing, and destroying that which is God's.

The pinnacle of…

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