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spiritual warfare: self-deliverance

For years and years, I went through many spiritual attacks, tribulations and trials. As I got battered back and forth by the enemy, I was like a ship in the bellowing seas get tossed to and fro. I had very little understanding or power on how to fight off these demonic attacks that kept plaguing me.

A few months before I became baptized in the HOLY SPIRIT, I was crying out to the LORD for help. I was asking, 'where is YOUR power in my life? I don't see it and I feel so defeated.' It was then that the LORD started answering my cry!

HE says in HIS WORD that when the righteous cry out, HE hears them. (Psalms 34:17) As well as, we will find HIM only when we seek HIM with ALL of our hearts and soul. (Deuteronomy 4:29) I had now reached that point in my life where I was DESPERATE to see HIS power demonstrated in my life!

When my eyes were finally opened by the HOLY SPIRIT, I started seeing what demonic influences were harassing me. I started learning about 'strongholds,' 'curses', 'word curses,' and 'open doors that let the enemy in. I quickly started learning through a 'crash course' on how to free myself of the demonic entities that had gotten permission to come into my life.

I was shown that it was my sins, not only the obvious, big ones, but the small and unassuming ones, that were open doors. They gave the enemy permission to enter my life. This was a new reality for me to understand ......I was unintentionally opening the doors to the demonic realm!! Now it made sense why the the LORD wants us to live holy, consecrated and repentful lives. When we sin it becomes an OPEN DOOR or PORTAL! This is an important concept to understand!

I then asked the HOLY SPIRIT to reveal to me what demons I had unintentionally let in. Whoa......I wasn't ready for what I heard! There were several! And not only that, each one came in groups......they had 'back-up pools' with them.

The initial sins that the LORD showed me was FEAR and ANXIETY. These are two of the most common ones that come and harass Christians. However, ANY negative emotion has a ''corresponding demon that waits in the dark shadows for an OPEN DOOR!

These are just a few negative emotions that open doors for the opening of demonic doors:



The way that I deal with these emotions is two-fold:

1) Ask for forgiveness and get right with the LORD through prayer and worship.

Once I notice that a demonic presence has gotten a foothold into my life, I ask the LORD for forgiveness. Since each one of those emotional sins has a counterpart in the Fruit of the Spirit, I claim the HOLY SPIRIT's presence to come and fill me. If we are walking in the flesh, we will naturally reap these negatives emotions. If we are walking in the SPIRIT, the fruit will naturally be displayed through love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. (Galatians 5:22-23)

Once we ask for forgiveness, HE is faithful to forgive us our sin and then the door has been shut for further demonic entities entering in. (1John 1:9)

2) Expel the corresponding demon

Now we have to get rid of the demon(s) that are harassing us. That is done through standing on the WORD of GOD and commanding the demon to flee from your life.

You can say something like this:

In the authority of the name of JESUS CHRIST and through the power of HIS BLOOD, I stand on the WORD of GOD that says if I submit myself to GOD, resist the devil, he must flee (James 4:7). So in the name of JESUS, I rebuke, resist, repel, expel and loose myself from the demon of ________________(name of demonic entity). According to the WORD of GOD, you must flee now, and go to the pit or where JESUS CHRIST commands you to go and never return! FLEE, FLEE, FLEE!

There, is, obviously, much more about how to receive self-deliverance from our enemy, but the above is a good start. I just wanted to share with you a bit of my journey, so that, hopefully, it might benefit and help you. The LORD wants us to be set FREE from all the enemy's snares that he has laid for us! Seek JESUS and HE WILL SET YOU FREE!!!

“Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed. John 8:36

For further instructions on how to expel demons, please check out Derek Prince's spiritual warfare books and videos:




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love joy
love joy
Oct 11, 2018

sins themselves are not only falling angel. but sins CAN be use by them


Pilgrim's Progress (For Those That Love Him)
Pilgrim's Progress (For Those That Love Him)
Oct 08, 2018

I struggle with headaches, that distract me from focusing and connecting with others. I confess I get them when I hold back from expressing my self in personal friendliness. I notice that they come after an occasion where I am letting timidity or the fear of man keep me back from who I am in Christ. I confess this as sin and I ask for forgiveness from these sins. I therefore am submitted to God so now I command the spirits of dementia, fear and rejection and their company to go in Jesus name amen! Flee in the name of the Jesus! AMEN!


Unknown member
Oct 08, 2018

God bless you and thank you sister for sharing this. It would be wise for many of us to save and print this out for one never knows when it will be needed for ourselves or to help others.

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