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URGENT WARNING: Top off Preps! Something Big is Coming // Come out of Babylon //Underground

On August 18th and 20th I received some urgent words from the LORD. During both those times, I felt such a somber, and sobering spirit upon me, as the HOLY SPIRIT drew me to HIM to receive these messages. PLEASE seek the LORD for further understand, confirmation, or revelation.

On the 18th of August, in the middle of the day, the HOLY SPIRIT came upon me, and I was given a warning to get myself prepared....and to 'top off any preps.' It was a personal message, however, there was a section that I feel that I should share:

"Something BIG is coming your way....

Not personally, but generally.

It is not what you is something different!

Get any, and all preps ready,

For soon it will be too late...

Do not hold back...

Do not hesitate!

I will take of MY own....but you still need to prepare!"

In my spirit, I felt that the timeframe was between September and the first of next year. I believe this could include supply chain issues.

I am given these warnings, so that we can pray for the LORD's mercies, and for HIS help in our time of need. (Hebrews 4:16)

I also like to pray for the LORD's PERFECT WILL to be done....and if possible, that any further judgments be delayed, or minimized, so more people can become saved!

THEN, the next day, while preparing to do a Youtube video, the LORD had me completely change what I was to record, and instead gave me a completely different message.

First, in my spirit, kept hearing over and over again:


So I asked the LORD what does ‘going underground’ look like? I immediately heard this:

'It is being wise as a serpent, but gentle as a dove!'

That was a surprising answer for me!

Then I started hearing instructions, which turned into a message:


"Use your social media not become entangled in.

Separate yourself as much as possible!

Make it hard to be tracked by the wicked one.

Seek the LORD for personal instructions, for it will look different for each person.

Pray against any traps, and snares that have been laid against HIS people."

Then the LORD reminded me of a dream that I had a few weeks ago:

I was living in a townhouse, high above the street. When I walked outside, there were front steps that went way other words, I was living on a large hill.

As I looked out at my long, sloped, front yard, I was startled to find out that it was covered with wires, that were tangled up and scattered all over the lawn. I knew that they were cable wires, telephone wire, electrical wires, fiber optic wires, etc. They were so intrusive, that I couldn’t even go down my front steps, so I decided to escape by going back into my townhouse.

Upon awakening, the LORD showed me that the townhouse, on top of the hill, represented a type of ‘UPPER ROOM,’ for the saints of GOD. It was a holy place, sanctified, and consecrated for the LORD. This represents the remnant, as they gather together.

Outside the house, is all the entanglements of the world, with all the AI, 5G, phones, media, electronic devices, tv’s, etc.

The LORD is calling HIS own to COME OUT OF BABYLON, and become a HOLY, and pure from the snares, and traps of the enemy. This calls for wisdom, and discernment from the HOLY SPIRIT!


“Pray for supernatural, and miraculous occurrences to come at the most unexpectant times, and places!

Learn to be more self-sufficient in the world....but more dependent on the LORD in the SPIRIT!

PRAY for divine appointments to come forth, and for doors of HIS perfect will be opened!

Know what time it is....know what season your are you will not be surprised as what is coming! (Psalms 112:7)

Stay steady, and firmly on the ROCK....even as the WHIRLWINDS not let them toss you to and fro!


"Though wickedness increases, MY SPIRIT will rise up, and fall on many!

As the apostasy continues in the lukewarm churches, I am raising up MY REMNANT, which will be increasing, and growing."

Then the LORD reminded me of the parable of those who were invited to SUPPER, but were too busy to attend....therefore, the invitations then when out to the highways to invite the unworthy, humble, and lowly at heart!

Then I heard:

"The unworthy, humble, and lowly at heart will be MY true guests at the Supper of the LAMB. The down-trodded, the poor, the weak, and the lame.....I call for them to come and become the SHEEP of MY PASTURE!

ALL ARE WELCOME, though few respond! For I have come for all the world....for MY LOVE has no boundary or limit!

For those who respond, and CRY OUT to ME, from their hearts, I will hear, and will direct your path, and embrace your soul, through MY HOLY SPIRIT!

NEVER will you have to be alone again....for if you are willing, I am there with you in all things!

BE READY for what is coming!

Put on your full armor!



Take Refuge from the Coming Judgment:

"Come, my people, enter your chambers, And shut your doors behind you; Hide yourself, as it were, for a little moment, Until the indignation is past. For behold, the Lord comes out of His place To punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity; The earth will also disclose her blood, And will no more cover her slain." Isaiah 26:20-21


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Thanks, Elizabeth.

Years ago I was in a situation where media was limited, sometimes restricted. I got very restless during gaps.

I found that others with me brought along recordings -- books on tape, ebooks, MP3s, movies, even tv series, and one let me borrow some. It helped immensely, and I even slept better.

Even though we'd aspire to be strong and stoic during media gaps, it's a relief to set up a few helps. Pre-determine what we will put in our minds, or have ready for family.

If there's a blackout or temp grid damage, that's another issue. But if trying to stay offline more, we can make it easier on ourselves ahead of time.

  • Full E-Bible and paper…

Aug 25, 2023
Replying to

Yep. Most of us will not be as prepared as we think we are when media goes away, myself included.

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