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warning dream: California (PNW) earthquake // land splits into the sea

In the last few days the LORD has been prompting me to go and review my old dreams and dream visions. I was not sure why, but I started going through my journals. After awhile, not understanding what HE was trying to show me, I realized that I just needed to wait on HIM for further revelation. Sure enough, the revelations came, and were highlighted clearly for me what I was to share.

The first dream that I am to share, has been shared before, but not with full understanding, and not with a fuIl confirmation.


In this dream, I saw a HUGE rectangular CAKE that was like a sheet cake. It was sitting on top of an old station wagon...... though the actual cake was even larger than the roof of the car and even hung over a bit.

As I was looking down at the cake from above, I noticed that on the cake there was an outline map of the U.S. of America drawn on it. as well as the different states.

As I was looking carefully at the map, I noticed that the cake started to move. I then looked over to the left side of the cake and saw the state of California starting to tear away from the rest of the map. It was if the cake was cut right at California along the Pacific Northwest. Then I saw that California cake piece fell off the roof of the car.

When I looked down to the ground, where the cake had fallen, I noticed that the car was no longer parked in the driveway, but was now floating in water. I then saw some people in kayaks and canoes passing by. END OF DREAM


In this dream I knew immediately in my spirit, that this meant that somehow, parts of California or the PNW, was going to fall into the ocean due to an earthquake.

However, the two parts that I didn't get was :

1) Why was there a map of the United States on a CAKE??

2) Why did the driveway, where the car was parked, turn into water with people paddling in the kayaks/canoes?

I now have the full interpretation, as well as a fantastic confirmation:

The cake represents a BIRTHDAY......

Who's birthday?


The earthquake of 6.4 that happened on America's birthday, July 4th, 2019, was a WARNING SIGN of what is coming to California! Part of it will fall into the will BREAK OFF!

The people in the kayaks/canoes represent that there will no longer be land. Where there was once a driveway, in my dream, now had turned into a body of water. That is because the land was gone!


Please watch 'Servant of God's' video called:

In her video, she too saw California break off and she said it 'crumbled', 'split off,' 'like cutting a piece of cake!!!' (start at minute 2).

The second confirmation comes from a scientist who is now warning people in California to leave because part of it is going to fall into the sea:

The last thing that I need to mention again, (I have put this out in previous videos), is the vision that I had of a measuring tape. One the top of the tape there was a LARGE NUMBER:


I knew that this was referring to a size of an earthquake. Though I was not given the location, I surmise that it could be California.

Brothers and Sisters,

The LORD in HIS infiniate mercy, is giving HUGE warnings for what is coming with these earthquakes.


ALSO, pray for MERCY that the LORD will lead HIS people to safety!

"Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. " Matthew 24:7





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Jul 17, 2019

On February 19, 2016 I sent this to my pastor:

I had a dream last night...didn't remember until I looked out my kitchen window this morning as I was getting ready, but I dreamt that the Southern half (at least) of California dropped off the map; it just started crumbling. Still not sure if symbolic or literal. I just remember saying something like, "Brace yourselves."

(Just keeping you updated with dreams.)


Concetta Vendittelli
Concetta Vendittelli
Jul 13, 2019

this dream from the 60's posted just today on evolutionary energy Arts channel is exactly the same detailing a zipper earthquake as Terrell black stars report from today. I don't believe in coincidences. Your dream sounds exactly the same as Terrell's report today and the gentleman's dream from the 60s.

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