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PROPHETIC WARNING: Going back to Middle Ages; Feudal System; Plague Doctor; Marburg; Leprosy

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

The LORD gives HIS watchmen/women warnings, so that we can pray against the plans of the enemy, and his workers of iniquity. The LORD wants HIS people to be awake, watching, and alert to the devil's that we can put on the full armor against him, and not be unaware of his wicked schemes.

In this Blog, there is a prophetic dream, a dream-vision, and a short message that I received about the DARK AGES that are coming, and the EYE OF THE HURRICANE. Please take it to the LORD for confirmations, and further understanding!

DREAM: Time Travel

In this dream I was visiting some kind of tourist exhibit within a museum. I was with a group of friends, and we were all very excited about this one NEW EXHIBIT where we could actually go BACK IN TIME!!

It seemed that this 'Time Travel' ship, or pod only went back, in the past, a few years....nothing too significant. SO, my friends decided to 'push the envelope,' and do something that no one had ever done.....they wanted to go all the way back to the MIDDLE AGES!! I was not thrilled about their decision, and was a bit worried about 'breaking the record' on time traveling......however, I decided, at first, to go along with the idea.

Before we were about to leave, I told them to wait for me, as I needed to first find a restroom. As I left the group, I realized that I would be gone for awhile, as it was located in another building. As I was walking there, I was pondering, and thinking about this journey that I was about to go on. I felt uneasy about going back to the Middle Ages, for I knew it was not the best of times! Suddenly, a thought came to me that we should not go back in our present-day clothes, but, instead, find costumes from the Middle Ages, so that we would not draw attention to ourselves.

In the next scene, I was returning to my group of friends, and had, apparently, been gone for quite awhile. Upon returning, I had decided to warn them about going back in our modern day clothing, and I had also decided NOT to go! However, when I got back, I realized that they were about to 'take off,' and that I had to go regardless. There was no time to tell them about getting into Middle Ages attire. Then I woke up!

Upon awakening, I heard two things, in my spirit:




I believe that this is a warning for the Western World on what is coming. History repeats itself.....and those who do not know it, are doomed to repeat it! We see these 'cycles' throughout history. We also know that history, (especially the Old Testament) is a pre-cursor pattern for the End Days!

In doing a quick research on the Middle Ages.....I was reminded that the'Middle Ages' were also called the 'Dark Ages.' It started during the FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE, and it lasted a little less than 1,000 years. During this time, two main things occurred:

1) THE FEUDAL SYSTEM was set up....which affected every area of life: legal; economic; political; religion; educational; military. This way of life was based on 3 systems: the clergy; the peasants; the nobles.

The land was owned by the Nobles.... who lived extravagantly in their manor homes, while the serf peasants served them, while living on the Noble's land. There was NO MIDDLE CLASS...only the 'rich,' and the 'poor.'

2) THE BUBLONIC PLAGUE came, and killed millions. It was carried rats that had infected fleas on them. In the 14th Century, 25 million, which was 2/3 of the population died.

WHY did the LORD give me this prophetic dream?? To warn us about that we are headed into the DARK AGES.....the LAST DAYS!! It has become very obvious now that, if the enemy has it his way,.....we will be returning to a NOBLE/SERF-type system, where there will be no Middle Class. Like the WEF says....'you will have nothing, and you will be happy!' [1]

We can also observe that just like when the Roman Empire started falling, these Dark Ages begin. In the same way, and comparison, today, we are seeing the END to the Western Civilization, as we know it.....and are entering into DARK TIMES.

HOWEVER, there is always HOPE.....and that HOPE comes through INTERCESSOY PRAYER, REPENTANCE, WORSHIP, and FASTING. These are the spiritual weapons that we have as believers in JESUS PUSH BACK THE DARKNESS! The LORD gives out warnings, so that HIS people can even CHANGE the OUTCOME! If only we could GRASP and HOLD ON to the concept that, through prayer, we can make a difference!!

Like I have said before, let us BOMBARD the GATES OF HEAVEN with our prayers and petitions!


On 7/4/23, I had a dream/vision. I saw a strange, large being, floating low across the land. It had a LARGE BEAK, like a bird, and a long, flowing gown. It lasted for only a few seconds. When I woke up, I felt something very sinister, and chilling.


When I woke up, I did not know what I saw. At first, I thought maybe it was some sort of ghost, or demon. However, while doing research on the MIDDLE AGES (above), as I read about the Bubuonic Plague, I saw a picture of what was called the 'PLAGUE DOCTOR' (picture above). This was almost exactly what I saw in my dream-vision... except that it was floating.

The PLAGUE DOCTORS existed during the time of the Great Plague. They were actually DEATH DOCTORS, as they only served to record the death tolls. In many instances, they would be the last thing a person would see before horrible!

They were indeed very scary looking.....they wore these bird beak-type masks that were filled with herbs, spices, and lavender..... in order to 'scare off' the plague germs. They also wore a long overcoat as a covering.

I believe that the LORD was, once again, warning me that the PLAGUES, and PESTILENCES are not over....but just beginning. I have had MANY dreams, words and visions that I have already shared. Here are two:


In the last week, while preparing for this article, I came across two articles randomly:

1) The LORD woke me up in the middle of the night on 7/22/22, and I heard clearly:


For those who get my Newsletter, you can go back and see that I posted this on my NEWSLETTER #33, on 7/22/22.

MARBURG VIRUS seems to be on the horizon. In the article below, they are doing a training exercise for the virus in New York. They say that the 'risk is very low'

....however, if that is the case, why are they going to all the trouble for a training exercise??

2) LEPROSY: I have received numerous dreams and visions of a skin disease that is coming. I even had been given the word, 'LEPROSY:'

I always felt so 'way out there' for posting these warnings, because they seemed so unlikely. I thought that my dreams of skin diseases were only symbolic of some strange disease coming. I really thought that leprosy was a 'thing of the past' back in the days of JESUS....when HE healed the those who were afflicted.

HOWVER, all of a sudden, we are seeing cases of LEPROSY popping up around the U.S., like in FLORIDA:

None of this should come as a surprise to the believers in CHRIST, because the LORD warns us in HIS WORD that in the LAST DAYS we would see plagues, and pestilences:

For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and PESTILENCES, and earthquakes, in divers places.” Matthew 24:7
“I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and PLAGUE, and by the wild beasts of the earth.” Revelation 6:8

"Therefore her PLAGUES will come in one day—death and mourning and famine. And she will be utterly burned with fire, for strong is the Lord God who judges her.” Revelation 18:8


In one of the recent messages that I received from the LORD, HE mentions that we are now in the 'EYE' of the hurricane, and that the backside is coming....and it will be much worse. At the time that I received that prophetic word, I wasn't sure exactly what the LORD was referring to.....for there are so many 'dangers' that seem to be lurking all around us right now.

However, in this message below, that I received on the 4th of August, 2023, the LORD mentions WHAT what the HURRICANE is the PESTILENCE! The 'backside of this storm' has not even come!

In this message, I heard the LORD say that HE will be watching over those who are walking in purity and HIS righteousness. However, those walking in sin, there will be an 'OPEN DOOR' to what is coming.

I then heard this:

"I will put a covering of protection over MY Remnant ones. Though some will get sick, they will recover.

This is the 'backside of the storm'.....worst than the first!

It will bring devastation and carnage everywhere it goes. No family will be will affect those in power as well! Just like Pharaoh, when his son died in the 10th Plague.

I will allow it come, though it is a judgment of great proportions. The unrighteous are 'sitting ducks,' unable to escape what is coming....for the table will be turned, and now they will be the ones to suffer! Their sins are so grievous that I will not hear their cries....for the intent of their hearts are wicked! (Psalms 66:18)"

Brothers and Sisters, let us not fear, or falter, for the LORD JESUS has not given us a spirit of fear, but of LOVE, POWER, and SOUND MIND!! Let us pray for mercy, and help in our time of need, and seek forgiveness at all times!

REMEMBER, though some frightful things might come our way, we will remain secure, and safe under the shadows of HIS wings!

"PRAY PSALMS 91 OVER YOU (and your family) EVERDAY!!!"

"For he will rescue you from every trap
and protect you from deadly disease.
He will cover you with his feathers.
He will shelter you with his wings.

His faithful promises are your armor and protection.
Do not be afraid of the terrors of the night,
nor the arrow that flies in the day.

Do not dread the disease that stalks in darkness,
nor the disaster that strikes at midday.
Though a thousand fall at your side,
though ten thousand are dying around you,
these evils will not touch you." Psalms 91:3-7

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Aug 19, 2023

Your description of a humanoid figure with a large bird beak fits an image that I have seen but didn't recognize. The image is near the top of a photograph that I took in Sept 2015. The photo was a unique representation of the 4th Seal (which includes deadly plagues). There were strange cloud formations across the image. The strange clouds included images of things described in the 4th Seal.

We posted the photo at

Based on the photo that God provided, the 4th Seal was opened Sept 2015. The 5th Seal is the final 7 years of this age. The 6th Seal is the wrath of God. The 7th Seal appears to be when Jesus ascends His thron…

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