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I believe that the Book of Revelation is highly symbolic, as well as grounded in future reality. So, when all the prophecies are said and done, we will see how perfectly accurate they every sense!

I just recently received a PROPHETIC MESSAGE concerning the LORD’s witnesses. I was then drawn to do a little more research on the TWO WITNESSES, and their meaning.

While we are waiting for these TWO WITNESSES to start their ministry, as well as the 31/2 countdown, we must understand how SCRIPTURE can interprets itself.

THE TIMING: In both Revelation 11:3 and Revelation 13:5, it talks about a 3 ½ year period. Both the BEAST, and the WITNESSES have be given power during this time. It seems reasonable, then, to conclude that the WITNESSES come on the scene at the same time as the Beast antichrist. Once the ANTICHRIST is REVEALED, then the witnesses also will START THEIR MINISTRY. ministry. WHO ARE THE WITNESS: In Revelation 11:4, we can see who they are: "These are the two olive trees and the two lampstands standing before the God of the earth." They are: -the 2 OLIVE TREES -the 2 LAMPSTANDS We can ALSO READ that they are referenced in other places: --In Revelation 1:20 it says that the 2 LAMPSTANDS represents the CHURCH. --The 2 OLIVE TREES has symbolically represents the JEWISH BELIEVERS (Jeremiah 11:16; Romans 11:24) While the 'TWO' 'WITNESSES are coming, there will also be MANY WITNESSES during this period of time....they will be the TRUE BELIEVERS who are both Jew and Gentile. We can see that GOD call HIS people to be HIS witnesses: Isaiah 43:10 Isaiah 43:12 Isaiah 44:8 Acts 1:8 WHAT IS THE MAIN GOAL OF THE WITNESSES: 1) To proclaim the GOSPEL of HIS KINGDOM (Matthew 24:14) 2) To preach REPENTANCE (Mark 4:1) 3) To bring the judgment of GOD (Revelation 11:5) 4) To manifest the GOD's power here on earth (Revelation 11:6) THE GREAT SHOWDOWN: These WITNESSES, that come in the final 31/2 years, will do many miracles to show the POWER OF GOD. Just as the enemy shows his power, GOD will raise up HIS OWN to demonstrate that HIS POWER is greater.....this is the GREAT SHOWDOWN!! The witnesses will be doing the same MIRACLES that ELIJAH and MOSES did: MOSES, through the power of GOD, changed the water to blood, and stuck the earth with plagues. ELIJAH, kept it from raining. These are the SAME things that the WITNESSES will be doing: "These have power to shut heaven, so that no rain falls in the days of their prophecy; and they have power over waters to turn them to blood, and to strike the earth with all plagues, as often as they desire." Revelation 11:6 We also see that FIRE COMES FROM THEIR MOUTH to destroy the wicked. This, again is the power of GOD coming through this miracle..... just like in the days of Elijah, when the LORD used the demonstration of fire against the false prophets. (2 Kings 1:10) THE TESTIMONY OF TWO or MORE WITNESSES: In Deuteronomy 19:15, it says that with two or more witness it shall be established. I believe that this could be the legal ‘groundwork,’ for the LAST DAY WITNESSES. They will be establishing a TESTIMONY to the very POWER of the LORD JESUS CHRIST, as well as proclaiming HIS message of SALVATION through JESUS, and the coming of the KINGDOM of GOD. 144,000 I believe that the 144,000, that are sealed, are also a part of this great WITNESS PROGRAM of the LORD. They, too, will be providing the TESTIMONY of JESUS CHRIST to a lost and unsaved world. DAYS OF NOAH & JESUS: In the days of Noah and Jesus, the enemy came and tried to wipe out any possibility of any LEADERS from coming forth.....hence, they put in place an edict to wipe out all the male babies. Who is the enemy trying to destroy now? Pray and Read between the lines..... so you can understand a very important 'piece to the puzzle,' to what is happening now!! [do not copy without written permission] BLOG:

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