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PROPHETIC WARNINGS: Mark of the Beast Revisited

On the 18th of March, 2020, while praying, I sensed in my spirit that there was a message that the LORD wanted to give me. As I waiting, I heard something that I had never heard before from HIM: HE said to go back to the previous warnings that I had received and to:


Since I have received so many messages, I wasn't sure which ones HE was referring to. I knew that I now had of 'homework' in front of me to do. However, later that day, while running errands, I received a 'download' from the HOLY SPIRIT. It was concerning the MARK OF THE BEAST. I was given a clearer picture of what is coming. I felt in my spirit that this was what the LORD wanted me to 'revisit' in the previous messages HE had given me.

SO, once I got home, I did two things:

1) I, looked up the passages in the Bible about the MARK OF THE BEAST. In the STRONGS Concordance, I saw that the word 'MARK' means:

a stamp; imprinted mark; a branded mark; or a graven work

We can see this in Revelation 13:16-17:

"He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name"

2) The second thing I did, was to go back over the messages from the last year or two that talked about the 'Mark of the Beast.' I was amazed at what I found, and how it relates to what is happening now.

SO, per the LORD's instructions, I will share a few excerpts from 3 different MESSAGES that have 4 warnings. The original messages will be in the linked in the titles:

Received upon awakening: (3/24/19)

"Cannot buy or sell without the mark. A new system will be set up and only those who conform will be able to purchase. All others will be locked out. They will crash the system permanently This is coming soon. Please prepare. Prepare in the SPIRIT. I will be your SOURCE. Look only to ME. Get ready, for it comes."

Received while praying: (1/29/19)

Get ready for what is coming because it is a real doozie! (I did not understand what 'doozie' meant, so I had to look it up: "something that is extraordinary; outstanding; one of its kind; impressive or unique")

It will encompass many things all at once and will touch many lives.

(I then asked, "LORD JESUS, can you tell what you are referring to?")

It is an economic collapse of biblical proportions. It will make the Great Depression look like a 'walk in the park!'

(I asked, "Why are they doing this, LORD?")

They are setting up their One World New Order. Out of the ashes will arise the BEAST and his MARK will be with him. A collapse is necessary to implement their plan. People must be desperate, or many would refuse the taking of the mark. Now, unfortunately, even MY own will fall prey to their new system.

(I asked, "LORD, I thought we might be gone in the rapture before this?")

No, you will still be here, as I come after the 'mark.' It will be a sign of MY imminent return. When the BEAST rises, know that I am at the doorstep of coming!

Store up as best as you can. I will provide for MY children during this time of financial calamity. Look to ME for every need and I will supernaturally provide like in the days of the 10 plagues.

Testing --- I am testing MY children now, and putting them through the fires of trials and tribulations. Rejoice, for your reward will be great in heaven when you endure for MY NAME sake!

MY children, have faith in ME to see you through what is coming! I am here for you as a friend, a comforter and a provider!

Stay true to ME and you will reap the rewards!

Your Bridegroom, your Provider and your SAVIOR,


"Is there anything else, DEAR JESUS?" I then heard:


--Be diligent in your walk with ME

--Stop trying to please man

--Look only to ME, for I am your only true Source

--Stop wasting time on things that do not matter

--Have an eternal focus

--Do not be alarmed when these things fall, for you have been warned

--Do not fear, but take command, through spiritual warfare

--Remember that their power is small, while mine is great.....use it!

--Remember that love is always the answer

"Many will be taken against their will to places that the enemy has set up. During these times, I will be with MY own to give them strength and fortitude to through these persecutions. They will supernaturally will be given power to accomplish MY will, even under the worst of circumstances.

I will never forsake or abandon MY people, but will be only a prayer away!

Become more self-sufficient now, as the Mark of the Beast is being implemented and you will not be able to buy or sell. The traps are now being laid where many will not be able to even work. Many will be denied their wages, and will soon have no money to live.

This 'MARK' is almost upon you and many will have to choose their final destiny.

Choose ME and live forever."

"CURFEWS, CAMPS AND PERSECUTION is on the horizon for the western world. No longer will you be able to buy or sell unless you conform to the 'Beast's' thinking. This is why I keep sounding the alarm to prepare among yourselves"

I truly believe that the LORD is, once again, SOUNDING THE ALARM and reminding us NOT to be deceived in these last days. The 'MARK' is coming, and with it comes the wrath of the antichrist and his system.

I believe that it is different than we think, so we must have our alerts up and be 'gentle as doves and wise as serpents." Do not believe everything you hear or what you may have been taught.....instead go to the WORD OF GOD and seek GOD for answers.

As believers in JESUS CHRIST, we must ask and pray for discernment to the enemy's lies and snares .....and we must share with others that anyone that takes the MARK will NOT receive eternal life!


Then a third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand, “he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out full strength into the cup of His indignation. He shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb. Revelation 14:9-10






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4 comentários

Psych Merc
Psych Merc
22 de jul. de 2020

"(I asked, "LORD, I thought we might be gone in the rapture before this?")

No, you will still be here, as I come after the 'mark.' It will be a sign of MY imminent return."

Thank you for posting. This word appears to be confirmation from Jesus that there will be no rapture until the Beast, in control of the world by that point, mandates the mark. There seems to be a lot of confusion about when the rapture takes place, and even how many raptures there are. I hope that is clearer to people now.


14 de mai. de 2020

I am aware of ttat God gives a little bit different understandings dependent onwhat He will say to His child for their specific needs at the moment. This is what I've received about the 'mark' during the past years (I never share anything before I have had enough revelations from Him in the specific area I speak about) .

This may cause a chock wave but will, if you understand it, immedeately set you free because 'The mark of the beast' is not something that 'will come' but is something that we already have and rather need to be free from!

Because, the 'forehead' is the same as our frontal lobe where all decisions are made, and then our 'hand'…


Vigilant Watcher
Vigilant Watcher
27 de mar. de 2020

ID2020! Combines a certification Mark, a digital ID, so that you can buy and sell. It will be combined with the mandated vaccine for the coronavirus. Microsoft has paired up with a vaccine company to create this a couple of years ago. Looks like they knew the year this was going to go down! The food distribution is already disrupted with this coronavirus. Corona means crown and the sign of the dragon laying in the streets of China, to me, was an indicator to the world Elite to go into hiding. They have gone into hiding and it’s to escape their depopulation plan. People will be hungry and they will be desperate and they will be frightened and they will…

22 de mar. de 2020

This is scary even though we are told not to fear. Everyone else seems to be having dreams saying that we‘ll be gone before the mark comes out. I am sickened in my spirit to hear that some of His children will be duped and saddened to hear that we will be here. Most do not to listen to the warnings!

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