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WARNING: California/PNW Earthquake

With all the horrific storms that have been hitting California, the LORD reminded me of the prophetic dream, and vision that I had received about California.

This is a repost of a WARNING that I posted back in 2019. Even though I received this years ago, I remember them very clearly.

The LORD gives these warnings so HIS people can pray, repent and prepare. HE is such a long-suffering, patience GOD, filled with compassion and love, not wanting any to perish, but to come to HIM in faith and repentance! (2 Peter 3:9) (2 Chronicles 7:14)

Please pray that HIS people in California, would seek the LORD, and find wisdom from above, concerning this WARNING. There are many, many watchmen, and women that have had similar prophetic warnings concerning what is coming there. (see below)

Once again, I am sounding the ALARM, so that people can pray, and seek REPENTANCE for their sins, through the BLOOD OF JESUS.

Also, pray for MERCY, PROVISION & HELP, and for the LORD to lead HIS people to safety!


In this dream, I saw an old 'woodie,' station wagon sitting in a driveway. On the roof of the car was a HUGE rectangular CAKE, that was like a sheet cake. The cake was so large that it actually hung a bit over the roof.

My view was from above, so as I looked down at the cake, I noticed that on the cake was an OUTLINE MAP of the UNITED STATES, along with the border lines of the different States.

While I was looking, and observing the map, I noticed that the cake started to move. My attention was then drawn to the left side of the cake, to the PNW and California. I then saw California starting to tear, and break away from the rest of the map. It was if the cake was being cut, or sliced on the far, left side of the map. Then I saw the 'California' piece of the cake fall off the roof of the car, and down to the ground.

However, when I looked down to the ground, where the cake had fallen, there was no longer a driveway, but a BODY OF WATER that the car was floating in. To my surprise, I even saw some people in kayaks, and canoes passing by. END OF DREAM


In this dream, I knew immediately, in my spirit, that this meant, that somehow, parts of California or the PNW, was going to fall into the ocean, possibly due to an earthquake.

The people in the kayaks/canoes represent that there will no longer be land, but water, where the land-shelf breaks off. In my dream, where there was once a driveway, it had now turned into a body of water. That is because the land was gone!


Please watch 'Servant of God's' video called:

In her video, she too saw California break a matter of fact, she said she saw the State of California 'crumble'..... 'split off'..... 'like CUTTING A PIECE OF CAKE.....just like what I saw in my dream!!! (start the video at minute 2)


In this dream vision, I saw a very large MEASURING TAPE, hanging in mid-air. On the top of the tape there was a written, a large, bold, black NUMBER:


It was put into my spirit, as a 'knowing, that this was referring to the SIZE of an earthquake. Though I was not given the EXACT location, I felt that this was concerning California, or the PNW.

"Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. " Matthew 24:7


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Phil Mandsager
Phil Mandsager
Jan 15, 2023

Remember the World Series earthquake in 89' = just over 33 yrs ago

China's Tienaman Square was also in 89'

49ers will be hosting another Playoff Game next week

Batman movie shows football field falling apart and a 322 = 2023 is a 322

Kamala and Pelosi are from San Fran

Kamala was born in 64' = Great Alaska Quake of 64'


Bryon Perez
Bryon Perez
Jan 15, 2023

I live in california, but of course i need to trust the LORD. My relationship with HIM has been increasingly getting closer and closer through the years and have been preparing at times for things that will come like famine. I have prayed that HE will take me to higher ground both spiritually and physically for when california gets partially covered with water or to get me out of california if all of it will get covered.


Jan 14, 2023

Good comment from, alana clutterbuck, below👇🏼also consider the phrase “Let them eat cake!” The phrase is attributed to, Marie Antoinette Josèphe Jeanne. In Elisabeth’s dream the cake was on top of a “Woody” which could mean the dream was implying, Californians are collectively a bunch dumb surfers 🏄‍♀️ that are only interested in surfing <— their pleasures. Removing California as suggested by the dream could be considered a beheading of the USA but removal of the LEFT part of the head or brain 🧠 and the final beheading would require the East Coast and DC to be removed, the RIGHT side of the brain 🧠.

Marie Antoinette was beheaded in the French Revolution, which was triggered probably by the American…

Jan 21, 2023
Replying to

Wow, so you think the Freemasons built everything that lasted? Like the Statue of Liberty that is really a pagan representation? Sounds like you are very convoluted in your understanding of "civilation." Mystery Babylon, she is, and she will perish......soon, very soon. Read your Bible, please.


Unknown member
Jan 14, 2023

Hi dear Sister! It breaks my heart to think that folks do not and will not take warnings seriously. As The Body of Christ, we must continue to pray, confess + repent for ourselves + others and persevere until the end... I cannot confirm except to say that I sense it strongly in my spirit that these warnings will be fulfilled. Unless people heed the warnings and repent!!! May The Lord bless and keep you and all those you love. Shalom. Sheryl ... P. S. Thank you for your obedience and perseverance.


Jan 14, 2023

Being a native Californian a few years ago I spent a few years on vacations looking for a good place to buy a vacation/retirement home, to find some place like Tahoe that was not expensive. Looking at the map large lakes can be seen all along, North and South of the Nevada/California border even next to Oregon. I have visited them all, the thing you learn is these are almost all brine lakes! Go further West from the border by any amount and you are in the mountains and the lakes are fresh water. Everything at the border or East of it is low, very low, elevation and SALTY. So recently I have gotten the idea into my head that…

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