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What the LORD showed me about the Collapse of the Francis Key Bridge

What happened to the FRANCIS SCOTT KEY BRIDGE is another SIGN to AMERICA!  Francis Scott Key was the author of the STAR SPANGLED BANNER, our National Anthem.  It was written during the 1812 War, during the bombardment of Fort McHenry, against the British ships.

Brothers and Sisters.....I want to share with you what the LORD has shown me about this tragic event, for it is ANOTHER WARNING SIGN! For we are in a GREAT SEASON of SIGNS from the LORD.  For those who are AWAKE, we are seeing them manifest with GREAT URGENCY! The LORD uses SIGNS as WARNINGS, for people to PAY ATTENTION to what is happening....and to prompt us to LISTEN to what the SPIRIT has to say.  Sometimes the WARNINGS are so PLAIN, and OBVIOUS to see, like the KEY BRIDGE falling.  However, most don't understand, and just go back to their daily routine, without even a thought to the consequences that it represents!

We must remember that the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY is so LONG-SUFFERING and PATIENT, that HE keeps giving SIGNPOST WARNINGS, hoping that it will stir, and wake people out of their 'sleeping stupor.'  We have been given these SIGNS for many years now, concerning destruction coming to America, especially if there is there is no REPENTANCE, or REVIVAL.  The LORD longs for no one to perish in their sins, but for all to receive the FREE GIFT OF SALVATION.

"Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost."Acts 2:38 

As we all watched the video clips' of the bridge completely crumbling like is easy to see how this points to the collapse of America, as we once knew it. The FRANCIS SCOTT KEY Bridge, bears the name of the creator of our NATIONAL ANTHEM, which the nation has rallied around, and sung for hundred of years, as a tribute to our freedoms in America.  As we are now seeing the backbone of Americas' freedoms being taking away, including the laws of the land being trampled upon, it is easy to understand that the SONG, which represents the freedoms, that the FLAG OF AMERICA represents, is under attack.

It is also VERY interesting to NOTE that this Bridge Collapse happened just ONE DAY AFTER the United States, in the U.N. Security Council, decided to ABSTAIN from the vote for Israel to cease fire. This allowed for the Council to proceed forward with their agenda.

For me, personally, the bridge collapsing, is significant, because of where I grew up, north of Baltimore,  Many times, I have gone over this bridge, as well as visited Fort McHenry, the birthplace of the Star Spangled Banner Anthem.

 One of those times, many, many years ago, while I was driving over the Key Bridge, something bizarre happened that I will never forget!  I was on my way home, in the evening, and it was raining slightly.  As I approaching the bridge, it was hit by lighting, and the whole bridge, for a brief moment, lit up like a Christmas tree! Even though it was a very scary, I was committed to drive over it, for there was no where to pull over, or turn around.  Looking back, now realize that this, too, was a sign, to me, of the things to come!! 

Also, I want to share what the LORD reminded of last night. Back in November 2019, one month before the pandemic hit, I had a highly prophetic dream about America that shared, called "America's destruction BURSTS through."    In this dream, a car was coming down a mountain, on a highway that I knew was named '111' ('11' stands for 'JUDGMENT').  In front of the car there was a HUGE AMERICAN FLAG, standing upright, blocking the entire road.  The car then drove right through it, breaking the FLAG in half.....much like when the barge broke through the bridge, cutting it in two, before it crumbled.  I believe that this dream represents America being torn in half, and then collapsing, like the KEY BRIDGE.....for a house divided cannot stand!

"But he, knowing their thoughts, said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and a house divided against a house falleth."  Luke 11:17

As a watch-women on the wall, I am compelled to bring you these SIGNS that the LORD shows me, because they are WARNINGS for our Nation to REPENT.  Since 'judgment starts with the household of GOD', so should REPENTANCE.  It is the Church that needs to REPENT, and get right with the LORD, ("clean hands & a pure heart"), so that we, then, will be ready to bring to bring in the final harvest that is coming.


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29 мар.

Thank you Elizabeth. If Israel’s land gets divided that would also cause something to divide the land in our nation also, I believe. Maybe the New Madrid fault line or something similar. Blessings to all.

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